Types of training will depend on the temperament of your dog. You will need to find the right training method and stick to it. Remember Consistency doesn't end with potty training.
Types of training methods are:
  • Clicker
  • Treat
  • Affection
  • Good Job
The clicker is a small hand held device that makes a click sound when pushed. It usually acts as a "good job" or positive reinforcement. It is a good tool for most breeds.
*Our dogs have not been to successful on clicker training so we resort to other methods.
Treats are a great way to get and keep your dogs attention on you. If they know you have a treat, they won't take their eyes off of you, if you have found their "money". "Money" for a dog is anything that he or she likes to do, it is a way to positively enforce the actions that you want and not reward bad. Treats can be store bought treats or simply a hand full of the dog or puppies food.
Affection or good job is pretty self explanatory. This is the goal way for  us to get our dogs to work. We start with treats and end with a good job. 

Now that we have covered that. Our method of training is going to be Treats, what's yours? message us or email and less us know. We are going to start out by getting our puppies attention on us. Letting them know that you have the treats is not that hard to do but getting them to pay attention to you and nothing else is going to be hard. This part can be an all day job or simply one time thing. As long as you feel comfortable with moving on, Move on to the next step. We will be right there.

Letting them know that it is not always about play time, is important. Get a specific location where you are going to train and stick to it. Once they realize that while in that area, they will be working, they will come to expect it. Working on "GIVE ME ATTENTION" is in the next blog.