This blog is going to be in two parts. The first part is going to be me saying what I am going to do, and the second part will be what really happens. 
PART I (The Theory)
Ok so as I said in the last blog, you will need to pick a location where there is not alot of distraction. Right now where we have the puppies, there is not many places inside that are really distraction free. Athena is in the girls room because she is that "womanly" way for the next 3 weeks so there room is not going to happen. I have came up with three places that I will try to have no distractions.
  1. Allie's room
  2. outside in the front yard (destined for failure)
  3. My bedroom (also destine for failure because Hope the rescue kitty is in there)
I will start out in Allie's room because right now that is the only place that is not occupied by another living creature. In order to get her attention, the puppies will need to know that I have the food or something they want. *I will be only doing one at a time.
I will start off with "Watch me"
Watch me is simply getting some eye contact. 
  1. Show the puppy the reward
  2. While saying "watch me" raise your treat hand to your nose.
  3. If puppy gives you the slightest of eye contact quickly give the "reward"
  4. Repeat lengthening the eye contact (our goal here is to make sure she understands that we don't want her to play with the carpet or sniff the bed. She needs to give us her undivided attention. This is hard for most pups but especially hard for Huskies. Patience is a virtue on this one. 
  5. After you feel confident with "Watch me", you can move on to "watch it" 
  6. "It" can be your hand, a toy or what ever you choose, if you say watch it and their eyes go to "it" give the reward. 
  7. Hold that stare for as long as possible but the key here is to know when to reward.
  8. The key here is rewarding at the right time before you loose their attention. By now you should be able to tell when your fixin' to loose it so go ahead and reward before the attention is lost.
  9. DON"T over do this one, they will get bored and go chew up a sock if you don't make it fun. 
We use a combination of treat and praise at first. Our neighbors probably think we are insane!

Part II
Our Results
Over the past few days we have worked with both puppies on "Watch me". Both have got it really fast. We will continue with working on "watch me" until Monday. Then we will start on sit. I am going to go ahead and post the blog for Sit so you can go ahead and read it.