Our Policies

First policy I want to discuss is that we strive to be there for our husky owners, we want to be a permanent part of our puppy’s lives. In order to do this we provide many routes to stay in contact such as our Facebook page, our Wicker Pack Group, email and phone. I want and expect updates. I do not impose on your privacy but knowing how my puppies are doing is my business. If you are not willing to make that commitment to remain in contact with us, please don't bother wasting my time. We take pride that we are still a strong part of almost all of our puppy’s lives. We get updates and recent pictures all the time. We are a family and strive to be that way. I am not saying I want an email everyday or even every week and I will not be harassing you, but if I do message you, please let me know how the baby is doing. Don't think of as me being nosy but think of it that this sets me apart from most breeders!. :)

ALL OF OUR REHOMED, ADOPTED OR SOLD DOGS AND PUPPIES WILL BE RETURNED TO US IF OWNER IS NO LONGER TO CARE FOR ANIMAL. THERE IS NO REASON THAT ANY OF OUR DOGS OR PUPPIES SHOULD BE TAKEN TO THE POUND, SHELTER OR REHOMED WITHOUT CONSENT.  Rehoming a Siberian Husky without knowledge of it's temperament is not only dangerous for the new owners but not allowed per our agreement. If you are worried about losing out on money, you don't need to get one of my babies.

We provide excellence and with that we maintain a level of pride. With our puppies you will be getting a healthy puppy. We do everything in our power to provide our puppies with the best start possible. We worm at 2, 4 and 6 weeks. We start our 6 week olds on NuVet Supplements to ensure that they are building an immune system that stands the test of time. At 6 weeks we do a Health Check with our Vet: Lake Park Vet in Lake Park, GA 229-559-3000. At this health check the following is done:

* Each puppy is weighed

* Checked for Fleas

* A fecal is performed. ( If parasites are found, the vet will prescribe medicine)

* The puppy is checked: eyes, skin, nose, mouth (teeth), if male (checked that testicles have dropped), if female (checked for discharge) heart, internal sounds, lungs, and over all look.

* DHPP shot is received

* Puppy gets started on Advantage Multi (this is what all of our puppies are started out on)

The state of Georgia does not require a Health Certificate to sell puppies. We do however preform all of the same checks that the most Health Certificates require. If your state requires a Health Certificate, the amount will be due before the puppy turns 6 weeks old. The price is $45 and will be payable via Paypal. This is not an extra cost that will be paid by Wicker's Siberian Husky Pack. Potential buyers can find out all about their states requirements, regulations and laws at: http://www.animallaw.info/articles/armpusbreedinglaws.htm


Deposits are $150.00 (Nonrefundable) All deposit will be applied toward final cost and will hold said puppy until the age of 8 weeks.  The deposit is required in order to hold your puppy for you.  This is a non-refundable deposit as it goes on the actual purchase price. We use our deposits as a cushion in case of Emergency, if we accept a deposit from you, it will be held in our account until puppy leaves us. If we have taken the deposit before puppies were born, and you do not get a puppy, your deposit will be rolled over to another litter. If you choose to jump off, we will refund your deposit (if before puppies are born) We will refund AS SOON AS POSSIBLE but will not be rushed. This is why we encourage you to be 100% sure you want one of our babies. We do everything in our power to make you the customer happy! Be patient while we work with you on any issues. WE DO NOT WANT YOUR MONEY UNLESS YOU HAVE GOTTEN A PUPPY FROM US, WE WILL NOT KEEP THE DEPOSIT   BUT WE WILL KEEP IT UNTIL REPLACEMENT HAS BEEN MADE. We accept Paypal.  I do accept cash as long as meeting is arranged in person so I can give you a receipt.  Deposits will be held until puppy is ready to go to said home, at that time the remaining amount is due in cash. Puppy will not be signed over until entire amount is paid. If at any time during the hold period (birth to sell date), Wicker's Siberian Husky Pack feels that the family is not fit or able to care for said puppy. We reserve the right deny a puppy to a person who has given us a reason to believe that the puppy will not be safe. (This includes complaints on Facebook, fights happening at home include dog fights, and or unhealthy living conditions.

In the event of a false pregnancy, deceased litter or puppy, or sickness. Deposit will be refunded As Soon As Possible or Rolled over to another litter! We do not use our deposits until puppies are sold, if something happens with the litter or puppy, you will be offered a new puppy from another litter. If you choose to receive a refund. You must wait until the next litter is born and a deposit is taken to replace your deposit. This may take anywhere from Weeks to Months. We will refund as soon as possible. All we ask is for your patience during this time. Please don't email and ask for it, we are working hard to refund and remember, this is a courtesy to you.  Thanks

Spay/Neuter Contract will need to be honored by the first birthday of the puppy, if the puppy has not been altered before that date, Wicker's Siberian Husky Pack will be forced to take action.  This is not a suggestion. We no longer agree to Breeding Rights, there are just way to many variables that we can not control in this circumstance. 


Due to the varying kinds of food and different environmental conditions the puppies come in contact with; and the fact that all puppies have immune systems that take time to mature. We require our puppies to remain on Nuvet until at least 6 months old. Failure to keep them on this supplement will void this contract. 

We stand behind our puppies and the health of our puppies. 

 All of our puppies come with health guarantees, at 6 weeks we take them to the vet to be checked over by the wonderful vets at Lake Park Veterinary Clinic. This is when they receive their health checks, wormed again, shots and get started on Advantage Multi. After the vet appointment, we will email you and let you know about your baby. We are 100% honest with our new owners, we do not try to keep anything from them. If something is wrong with your baby, we will reimburse your deposit as we will not be selling the puppy and it will live it's life with us. We have only had this problem one time and it was a fluke heart murmur. (more details if you want)

All new owners are to be of 18 years or older. If owner is not over the age of 18, his or her legal guardian must be present and sign at time of delivery in order for Wicker Siberian Husky Pack to give rights over. (Parent or legal guardian must agree that puppy will be kept on his or her property and will be held responsible for said puppy.)

This guarantee does not include Coccidia, Giardia and Kennel Cough which is common in puppies and usually caused by bacteria. Kennel Cough is self limiting and must run its course, like the common cold. Coccidiosis: This guarantee does not cover Coccidiosis. Coccidia are parasites that live in the cells of a dogs intestines. It is common for puppies to have this parasite present. Any type of stress (shots, environment changes, ect...) may cause a coccidia infection......If at the time of vet check (6 Weeks) the puppies (any) are diagnosed with Coccidiosis, we will prolong their stay with us to insure that they have been given their treatment. We will also have a recheck to ensure they are gone.

All of our Sires and Dams have been vet checked for genetic disorders such as: hip dysplasia, cataracts, glaucoma and other abnormalities, and heart problems such as murmurs. If your puppy has been diagnosed with these problems contact us and we will talk about options.

We do not guarantee eye color, weight, size or facial markings.

Replacement of puppy will be made with the next available litter, same sexes above; if the entire following requirements are made. No CASH refunds will be given. (SELLER HAS THE RIGHT TO BACK OUT OF THE SALE AT ANYTIME IF THIS HAPPENS, DEPOSIT PAID WILL NOT BE REFUNDED.)

The puppy is declared to be in a life threatening condition by a licensed veterinarian within 24 hours of purchase date and a written report by a vet is submitted to the Wicker’s Siberian Husky Pack.

If the puppy dies, new owner must have followed all advice by your veterinarian and have an autopsy performed by your state lab and provide a copy of the report to seller (At buyer’s expense). If cause of death is determined to be something other than genetics, replacement will not be available.

Any and all veterinarian expenses are the responsibility of the buyer.

All puppies are sold with PET ONLY.....You will receive CKC registrations but will not be able to breed said puppy.

If you return your puppy to us, we DO NOT guarantee a replacement puppy from a future litter. This is something that we try to do but we do not guarantee this as there are different circumstances in which we get our puppies back. If we decided that you are not ready for one of our babies, then you will need to wait until we are one hundred percent sure. If we do a replacement puppy, new owner maybe liable for extra cost. This means: Amount of Puppy now-Amount of paid for previous puppy= Amount owed by owner.


If and only if we give you breeding rights to one of our puppies, you will agree to our policies to be carried out for your puppies too. This includes:

First shots

Health Checks



Health Contract with Return policy

Health Certified in States Sold that are Required including FLORIDA! (This means that if the health certificate is required, you provide it!)

This will be in our breeding contract!